Designed by Tokujin Yoshioka

A bouquet of petals blooms from a thin chromed metal stem, made up of squares of fabric folded manually and sewn one by one with skilful care and infinite patience. A tribute to beauty that touches on the spiritual dimension in the simplicity of the repeated gesture, revealing the limit between vision and the real image. The dress of petals envelops the egg-shaped body, until it entirely covers the internal part. Allegory of the dream, refined poetic transposition celebrated in the material object typical of industrial design. The armchair makes whoever sits in it happy, just as flowers gratify whoever receives them.

Seat Height: 38cm
Injected polyurethane foam over internal steel frame.
Swivel base: steel with powder coat finish; on neoprene
rubber glides.

Available only in microfiber fabric.
Bouquet covers are removable.

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