Echoes | Echoes SH

Design by Christophe Pillet

Its construction displays a bold material contrast: the structure is in sleek metal while the seat and backrest are made of fine woven paper or paper rush cord – complex craftsmanship reminiscent of traditional methods and still performed entirely by hand.
A different stylistic interpretation is expressed by the Echoes S.H. chair and dining chair that pairs the metal structure with cowhide: a classic, eye-catching combination but one that, thanks to the ergonomic contours of the seat and backrest, also ensures the utmost in comfort.

Available in many finishes and leathers to choose from
Available in different sizes

Seat height: 45cm
Seat / backrest: in 316 stainless steel with woven paper rush cordor, in pure cellulose paper cord
Seat/Backrest | SH : in fiberglass and polyurethane foam upholstered in cowhide
Structure: in burnished metal, white, satin, chrome or black chrome finish
Feet: rest on tips made of thermoplastic material

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