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Design by Antonio Citterio

The combination of a sleek metal structure and light yet sturdy woven cord defines the personality of the Ottavia seating elements. Many elegant pairings can be made between the finish colours on the epoxy powder-coated stainless steel and those of the entirely hand-woven cord. Distinguished by scaled-down proportions and a discreet, minimalist look, the Ottavia armchair and little armchair are versatile seating options that can dress up patios and gardens with elegance and flair. If left unused for lengthy periods of time, it is recommended that the Ottavia chairs be protected with their respective covers to keep them in top condition and maintain their original appearance as long as possible. Most of the components used in the Ottavia chairs can be recycled.

Available in many finishes and fabrics to choose from.

Seat Height: 38cm
Structure: in 316 stainless steel, epoxy powder-coat finish or, in embossed lacquered finish in various colours.
Hand-woven: extruded PVC with nylon core or in polypropylene cord or in matt polypropylene cord in various colours.
Feet: rest on tips made of thermoplastic material.
Optional waterproof covers upon request.

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